Using Open Data

Select a data category from the "GIS Data Category" section to search for related datasets. Users may also use the Search Bar at the top of this page to search on certain key words to locate datasets of interest, as well. To view all Lake County datasets, click here.

After searching, users can select a dataset from either the results list or the map view and begin exploring the data. Tabular data can be viewed and filtered, while the map symbology can be changed to reflect a field in the dataset. See the Open Data Help webpage for additional information.

Additional Data

Larger datasets, including multiple years of Aerial Photography and Elevation data, are also available for download here:

Aerial Photography


Welcome to the Lake County, Illinois GIS Open Data Portal

The Lake County, Illinois GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Open Data Portal is a central, cloud-based repository for Lake County GIS datasets and related data. Users can view and stylize spatial components of the data, as well as chart tabular information. All data is publicly available for download and free of charge. Data can be downloaded in variety of file formats, including ESRI Shapefiles (.shp), KML, and CSV formats.

Additional Lake County datasets, such as aerial photography and elevation data, can be downloaded from the GIS Division's digital downloads data gallery. To further interact with Lake County, IL datasets, please visit our online web mapping application, Maps Online.

GIS Data Categories

Health Data

Health Statistics

Health statistics collected and maintained by the Lake County, IL Health Department. See datasets

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Boundaries for Lake County Forest Preserves and State Parks. See datasets

Planimetrics and Landmarks


Planimetric data includes Building Outlines and Edge of Pavement, while Facility Sites locate Lake County Landmarks. See datasets

Political Boundaries

Tax Districts

Boundaries for Judicial Court Subcircuits, Townships, County Board, State/Federal Political Districts & Precincts. See datasets


Data from the 2004 Soil Survey. See datasets

Surface Water

Surface Water

Surface water includes Advanced Identification wetlands, Hydrology and the Lake County Wetland Inventory. See datasets

Tax Districts

Tax Districts

Boundaries for Tax & Drainage Districts, Fire Protection District/Municipal Fire Department, & Fox Waterway Agency. See datasets

Tax Parcels

Tax Parcel Boundaries

Tax Parcel Boundaries for Lake County. See datasets



Transportation includes Railroads, Street Centerlines and Trails. See datasets